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  • You can view the Ragnarok World map by pressing Ctrl+` . The World map shows your location, as well as those of your partymates.
  • The Emperium has its own monster properties? Emperiums are Small Holy Angel MVP/Boss monsters.
  • The party Level range is 12 levels?.
  • You can gain plus 25% bonus experience if you party with 3 or more members.
  • You can buy grapes juice in izlude fruit vendor.
  • For the latest updates visit our community at www.ragnarok.ph/ragnaboards/.
  • Cash donations is convertible to Headgears, Customes and Consumables only.
  • Hunter job quest is at payon..
    Blacksmith job quest is at geffen
  • Guild capacity is 36/36/
    Max party member is 12.
  • You can receive Reward Points by staying online and exchange them for consumable items at Rewards NPC located at any town.
  • The server has classic mob spawn and drops.
  • You need to validate your game accounts at your email before you can login in-game. Better check your spam folders.
  • Character deletion is via email address that you have registered in your game account.
  • Official server rates is x3 base, x3 job, x3 drops!
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